What to Consider While Relisting Your Home

Posted by Patrick Vaughan // November 11, 2015

 Homes that sit on the market for too long acquire a bad reputation. Potential buyers will assume that it has major flaws and may refuse to take a look at the listing. In order to avoid the bad reputation, some buyers take the listing off the market for a few months and then relist. This […]

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How the Speed of Internet Connection Affects Home Prices

Posted by Patrick Vaughan // November 4, 2015

 Buyers looking for homes with high speed internet connectivity are on the rise, and for good reason. The internet has a massive impact on the way Americans live and work. Nowadays people can’t even imagine their existence without the internet. Over the years, the speed of your internet connection has assumed greater economic significance. People […]

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Top Backyard Design Ideas For 2015

Posted by Patrick Vaughan // October 28, 2015

 Now that summer has set in, people all over the country are busy hosting social gatherings and neighborhood barbecues in their external living spaces and outdoor patios. Homes that can host outdoor events are popular with buyers. And summer is the perfect time to give your San Diego home and its surroundings a great makeover. […]

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Open Houses: How to Address the Security Concerns

Posted by Patrick Vaughan // October 21, 2015

 Open houses give prospective buyers an opportunity to tour homes that are on the market. When a homeowner holds their house open, they try their best to ensure that the home looks great. They hope that at least one visitor will love the home and make an offer. In reality, this may or may not […]

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What Should You Leave Behind When You Sell Your Home

Posted by Patrick Vaughan // October 19, 2015

 After selling your San Diego home, you will probably want to take your light fixtures or other appliances with you, but the buyer may want you to leave them behind. Many homeowners assume that they can keep all objects that they can safely remove. That is not quite true. If you are planning to keep […]

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How Safe Will Be the Smart Homes of the Future

Posted by Patrick Vaughan // August 26, 2015

 The internet of things (IoT) will reportedly make us healthier, smarter, more energy efficient, and more productive. These aren’t tall claims. IoT does have the potential to make these claims a reality. IoT includes the connection of just about anything to the internet. There is no denying the fact that IoT has the power to […]

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How to Use Color Psychology to Sell Your Home

Posted by Patrick Vaughan // August 19, 2015

 Are you trying to sell your home in San Diego? If your walls sport the right shades of colors, finding a buyer will be easy. Colors affect our emotions. While some colors make us feel relaxed or happy, others make us angry or anxious. If you use the right colors, you will be able to […]

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How to Keep a Vacant Property Safe

Posted by Patrick Vaughan // August 12, 2015

 Your San Diego house is still on the market and you are moving out. How will you keep your vacant property safe from criminal activity? This is a dilemma that many homeowners face. Thieves are more likely to break into unoccupied homes. By simply removing all valuable items and other belongings from the home, you […]

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9 Things You Did Not Know About Green Homes – Busting Some Myths

Posted by Patrick Vaughan // August 5, 2015

 Just about everyone in San Diego knows that green homes have eco-friendly features. There are still a lot of things that people don’t know about green homes. We will bust some common green home misconceptions in this article. Myth #1. If a home is green it can’t use toxic materials Certain materials used in the […]

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Popular Trends in Home Design and Décor

Posted by Patrick Vaughan // July 29, 2015

 The homebuilding industry in San Diego keeps evolving with the changing needs and wants of buyers. If you are a home builder or a designer, it is important to build homes that cater to the changing preferences of your buyers. And if you want to know what the current trends are, we have got something […]

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