Top Backyard Design Ideas For 2015

Top Backyard Design Ideas For 2015

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modern-home-design-backyard Now that summer has set in, people all over the country are busy hosting social gatherings and neighborhood barbecues in their external living spaces and outdoor patios. Homes that can host outdoor events are popular with buyers. And summer is the perfect time to give your San Diego home and its surroundings a great makeover. Here are some backyard design ideas that enjoy great popularity in 2015.

Lounge Space

More and more homeowners now incorporate their indoor décor features into their backyard. In fact, in many homes, it is now difficult to distinguish internal living spaces from outdoor living areas. Outdoor living spaces used to be a luxury until a few years ago. But now they have become a must-have. That also explains why fully equipped outdoor lounge spaces top the list of backyard trends.

Outdoor lounges make great private retreats. They also increase the resale value of your property. Functional outdoor spaces like patios and decks retain their resale value. However, by simply adding a deck or patio to your home, you won’t be able to increase the value of your property. You need to ensure that these spaces look and feel like a normal extension of your interior space. In other words, you have to equip your patio with comfortable furniture fit for indoor use. Other great additions include a fireplace and a wall-mounted television. Make sure that furniture and appliances bought for your outdoor living space can withstand weather elements.

Outdoor Kitchen

If your budget permits, you have every reason to remodel your kitchen. Kitchen remodeling offers great return on investment. Outdoor kitchens are also known to recoup their cost.

While designing an outdoor kitchen, you have to consider several factors. If you add more functionality, your return on investment too will be high. Plumbing, for example, makes your outdoor kitchen more functional. You also need to consider geographical factors. The weather should permit it. Even if you have a fully functional outdoor kitchen but if the weather patterns peculiar to your area renders it useless, it won’t recoup its value.

Water Features

If you have been planning to introduce water features into your outdoor space, now is the time to do it. Water features such as waterfalls make great focal points. They make sure that your indoor elements blend with those of the natural world. Water features will make your backyard look more interesting. Also, they help reduce the disturbing noise coming from the street or a neighbor. In addition, they are a wonderful way to take advantage of the relaxing power of your backyard. Besides enhancing your landscape, water features are known to increase the resale value of your home.

Walkway in backyard

There is no right or wrong way to landscape your backyard. Some want their outdoor space to look like lush tropical rainforests. Others find concrete landscapes more attractive. How you should landscape your backyard is entirely up to you.

When it comes to landscaping materials, nothing can beat the popularity of large pavers. Oversized paving elements have been enjoying huge popularity in 2015. It is a great idea to match your patio pavers to other design elements of your house. This creates continuity that will also increase the value of your San Diego property.

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