What to Consider While Relisting Your Home

What to Consider While Relisting Your Home

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Untitled Homes that sit on the market for too long acquire a bad reputation. Potential buyers will assume that it has major flaws and may refuse to take a look at the listing. In order to avoid the bad reputation, some buyers take the listing off the market for a few months and then relist. This makes sense, and if the relisting is done properly, the home may get sold.

However, just because you relist your San Diego property, it does not become a new listing. Changing the agent won’t help the situation either. Your local MLS has several rules to decide whether a listing is new. For example, in Chicago, a property should be off the market for 6 months before it will be considered as a new listing. Rules vary between cities. It is therefore important that you check with your broker in San Diego. Keep in mind that even if you wait long enough before relisting the property, it will not be a total reset. Property records will continue to show that the house has been on the market previously. Prospective buyers can easily find the listing history of a home.

How to sell your home easily

Marketing plays a crucial role in getting a selling a home. In fact, ‘juicing’ a listing is more important than getting it a new listing number.

The first thing that the agent should do before relisting the property is to analyze why the home didn’t sell the first time it was listed. If they can address that issue, the home will sell faster.

Sometimes the problem is the price of the home, and often it is the lack of marketing. The photos that accompany the listing have to be impressive. Potential buyers look at several listings. Your photos should be enticing enough, else your home will not have any takers.

While relisting the property, make sure that it is accompanied by new photos. New photos in new lighting will entice the buyers. You also have to ensure that your photos are seasonally appropriate. If it is spring, your photos should not show fall leaves because they are a clear sign that the property has been lingering for a while.

New photos are particularly important if the property has been updated or staged in any way. Only attractive images should be shown with the listing. There is no point in uploading dozens of photos if they show the property in poor light.

Price changes may work

Even a small change in the price may trigger an email alert to prospective buyers who’ve set up searches based on a price range. This will attract more attention to the listing.

Besides changing the price, you need to upload new photos. This might encourage people who have already seen your listing to take another look at the property. If the new photos showcase the new look, the home may get sold faster.

Whether it is staging the home or adding new photos, the seller should do everything that they can to avoid a bad reputation. Keep in mind that the longer the home stays on the market, the harder it becomes to find a buyer.

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